Cowboy Wrestling Olympians

Dick Beattie1956 MelbourneDNC-illness160.5
Clarence Berryman1928 AmsterdamSixth145
Doug Blubaugh1960 RomeGold Medal160.5
George Chiga, Canada1936 BerlinDid Not PlaceHwt
Melvin Clodfelter1932 Los AngelesFourth145
Daniel Cormier2004 AthensFourth211.5
Daniel Cormier2008 BeijingDNC-illness211.5
Kendall Cross1992 BarcelonaSixth125.5
Kendall Cross1996 AtlantaGold Medal125.5
Gene Davis1972 MunichDid Not Place136.5
Gene Davis1976 MontrealBronze Medal136.5
Bobby Douglas1964 TokyoFourth138.5
Bobby Douglas1968 Mexico CityDid Not Place138.5
Roy Dunn1936 BerlinDid Not PlaceHwt
Ross Flood1936 BerlinSilver Medal123
Harry Geris, Canada1972 MunichDid Not PlaceHwt
Harry Geris, Canada1976 MontrealDid Not PlaceHwt
Eric Guerrero2004 AthensDid Not Place132
Richard Hutton1948 LondonSeventhHwt
Jimmy Jackson1976 MontrealDid Not PlaceHwt
William Jernigan1948 LondonSeventh114.5
Jamill Kelly2004 AthensSilver Medal145.5
Frank Lewis1936 BerlinGold Medal158.5
Guy H. Lookabaugh1924 ParisFourth158.5
Earl McCready, Canada1928 AmsterdamSixthHwt
Steve Mocco2008 BeijingSeventh264.5
Kenny Monday1988 SeoulGold Medal163
Kenny Monday1992 BarcelonaSilver Medal163
Kenny Monday1996 AtlantaSixth163
Hal Moore1948 LondonSixth136.5
Bobby Pearce1932 Los AngelesGold Medal123
J Robinson1972 Munich (GR)Did Not Place180.5
Myron Roderick1956 MelbourneFourth136.5
Coleman Scott2012 LondonBronze Medal132.3
John Smith1988 SeoulGold Medal136.5
John Smith1992 BarcelonaGold Medal136.5
Harley Strong1936 BerlinFifth145
Jack Van Bebber1932 Los AngelesGold Medal158.5
Yojiro Uetake, Japan1964 TokyoGold Medal125.5
Yojiro Uetake, Japan1968 Mexico CityGold Medal125.5
Shelby Wilson1960 RomeGold Medal147.5
Ed Gallagher1936 BerlinHonorary Coach
Art Griffith1948 LondonCoach
Rex Peery1964 TokyoCoach
Joe Seay1996 AtlantaCoach
John Smith2000 SydneyCoach
John Smith2004 AthensCoach
John Smith2012 LondonCoach
John Smith2016 RioNBC Analyst
John Smith2020 TokyoNBC Analyst
Ray Swartz1952 HelsinkiCoach
Cliff Keen1948 LondonManager
Fendley Collins1964 TokyoManager
Buel Patterson1952 HelsinkiManager
Clarence Gallagher1936 BerlinTrainer

Cowboy Wrestling at World Championships

Cory Baze1990 Tokyo, JapanSixth105.5
Obenson Blanc2010 Moscow, RussiaDid Not Place121.3
Daniel Cormier2003 New York City, USAFifth211.5
Daniel Cormier2005 Budapest, HungaryDid Not Place211.5
Daniel Cormier2006 Guangzhou, ChinaDid Not Place211.5
Daniel Cormier2007 Baku, AzerbaijanBronze Medal211.5
Randy Couture (GR)1991 Varna, BulgariaDid Not Place198
Randy Couture (GR)1993 Stockholm, SwedenDid Not Place198
Randy Couture (GR)1995 Prague, Czech RepublicDid Not Place198
Randy Couture (GR)1997 Wroclaw, PolandNinth213.75
Gene Davis1971 Sofia, BulgariaFourth136.5
Gene Davis1974 Istanbul, TurkeySixth149.5
Bobby Douglas (GR)1963 Halsingborg, SwedenDid Not Place138.5
Bobby Douglas1965 Manchester, EnglandDid Not Place138.5
Bobby Douglas (GR)1965 Tampere, FinlandDid Not Place138.5
Bobby Douglas1966 Toledo, USASilver Medal138.5
Bobby Douglas1969 Mar De Plata, ArgentinaFourth149.5
Bobby Douglas1970 Edmonton, CanadaBronze Medal149.5
Tom Erikson1997 Krasnoyarsk, RussiaFourth286
Daton Fix2019, Nursultan, KazakhstanDid Not Place125.5
Daton Fix2021, Oslo, NorwaySilver Medal134.5
Fred Fozzard1969 Mar De Plata, ArgentinaGold Medal180.5
Fred Fozzard1970 Mar De Plata, ArgentinaFifth180.5
Eric Guerrero1999 Ankara, TurkeySeventh127.75
Eric Guerrero2001 Sofia, BulgariaDid Not Place127.75
Eric Guerrero2002 Tehran, IranDid Not Compete132
Eric Guerrero2003 New York City, USA10th132
Bill Harlow1970 Edmonton, CanadaSilver Medal198
Jamill Kelly2003 New York City, USADid Not Place145.5
Mo Lawal2005 Budapest, HungarySeventh185
Kenny Monday1989 Martigny, SwitzerlandGold Medal163
Kenny Monday1991 Varna, BulgariaSilver Medal163
Tony Purler1997 Krasnoyarsk, Russia10th127.75
Tony Purler1998 Tehran, IranDid Not Place127.75
J Robinson (GR)1970 Edmonton, CanadaFourth180.5
J Robinson (GR)1971 Sofia, BulgariaFifth180.5
Dave Schultz1982 Edmonton, CanadaBronze Medal180.5
Dave Schultz1983 Kiev, Soviet UnionGold Medal163
Dave Schultz1985 Budapest, HungaryBronze Medal163
Dave Schultz1986 Budapest, HungaryBronze Medal163
Dave Schultz1987 Clermont-Ferrand, FranceSilver Medal163
Dave Schultz1993 Toronto, CanadaSilver Medal163
Dave Schultz1994 Istanbul, TurkeySeventh163
Dave Schultz1995 Atlanta, USAFifth163
Lee Roy Smith1983 Kiev, Soviet UnionSilver Medal136.5
John Smith1987 Clermont-Ferrand, FranceGold Medal136.5
John Smith1989 Martigny, SwitzerlandGold Medal136.5
John Smith1990 Tokyo, JapanGold Medal136.5
John Smith1991 Varna, BulgariaGold Medal136.5
Russ Winer1963 Sofia, BulgariaDid Not Place213.5
Myron Roderick1963 Sofia, Bulgaria
Doug Blubaugh1971 Sofia, Bulgaria
Gene Davis1981 Skoplje, Yugoslavia
Bobby Douglas1989 Martigny, Switzerland
Bobby Douglas1991 Varna, Bulgaria
Tadaaki Hatta (WF Coach)1991 Tokyo, Japan
Lee Roy Smith1997 Krasnoyarsk, Russia
John Smith1998 Tehran, Iran
John Smith1999 Ankara, Turkey
Bobby Douglas2002 Tehran, Iran
John Smith2009 Herning, Denmark
John Smith2010 Moscow, Russia
John Smith2011 Istanbul, Turkey

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